Smith Optometry, P.C      
Smith Optometry, P.C. offers many lens options for your eyeglass frames.   Such options are high quality progressive lenses, transition lenses, Hi-index lenses (thin lenses for high RX's), anti-glare coatings, polarized lenses and other quality products.

Smith Optometry utilizes a state of the art lab to provide all these lens options for your designer frames.

Here are some descriptions about our lens options:

High Index lenses:           High Index lenses are thinner 
                                        and lighter than regular plastic
                                        lenses.  These lenses are       
                                        ideal for patients with stronger

Progressive Lenses:        These lenses will provide 
                                        clearer vision to people who 
                                        experience distance and near
                                        blur.  We feature Essilor 
                                        products including many types
                                        of Varilux lenses.


Transition Lenses:          
The transitions darken when      
                                        exposed to sunlight providing
                                        UV protection and eye 
                                        comfort.  When indoors, the 
                                        lenses will turn clear.


A/R Coating:                   
This special coating reduces
                                        glare sensitivity from 
                                        computer screens, headlights
                                        at night from vehicles and 
                                        fluorescent lighting. 


Tinting/UV Coating:        
The UV coating is a clear 
                                        coating that provides 
                                        protection from the damaging
                                        rays of the sun.  The tint 
                                        shades the lenses and 
                                        provides improved eye 
                                        comfort when in the sunlight.

Scratch Guard:
                This clear coating is not 
                                        "scratch - proof" but does 
                                        offer protection to help 
                                        prevent scratches from 
                                        accumulating on the lenses.