Smith Optometry, P.C      

Smith Optometry has a mobile eye doctor, Kenneth Smith Jr.  O.D., that makes house calls in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx)

NOTE:       Smith Optometry regrets to inform as of
             December 1, 2015, our house call program 
             will be discontinued.  
                  Because of the robust growth experienced 
             at our Fifth Avenue office and with our 
             Nursing Home program, there is not enough
             time during the week for Dr. Smith to
             continue providing housecalls at this time.
                  In the future, Smith Optometry may
             resume their housecall program but as of
             December 1, 2015, our housecall program 
             will be discontinued.
                  Thank you for your understanding.


Is there a Doctor in your house?

Our Optometrist, Kenneth Smith Jr. O.D., provides house calls in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens) to patients who prefer professional eyecare in the privacy of their own home.  This house call service is also available for patients who are not physically capable of leaving their home and require an eye doctor to travel to their home to receive their eyecare.  

Smith Optometry offers a professional eyecare service that will meet the expectations of the "high-profile" client looking for convenience, discretion, anonymity and privacy.       

When Dr. Kenneth Smith arrives at your home, he will administer a comprehensive exam.  If you are interested in a pair of eyeglasses, he will assist you with selecting a frame and advise which lenses would be most appropriate for you.  


We provide comprehensive eye examinations to assess your vision and ocular health.  Hand-held instruments and computerized equipment are  brought to your home to provide this level of care.  

Once the examination is complete, Dr. Smith will discuss the results with you and make the appropriate recommendations.   For more details about what is tested during your exam, please refer to the "Eye Examinations" section listed to the right.

Our house call fee includes a comprehensive eye examination only.  There is an additional charge for eyeglass and contact lens purchases.  A patient can have an eye exam to purchase eyeglasses, contact lenses or just to have an exam only.  If a patient has an acute eye infection, medications are brought to your home to begin immediate treatment.       


A small area will be used to display our extensive frame selection.  To review our current frame lines, please refer to our "Designer Frame" section which is located to the right. 

After your eye exam, Dr. Smith will show you our inventory of frames and help select the frame(s) that are best for you.  Once frames have been selected, he will recommend the most appropriate lens options to complement your new frame.  For more details on the lens options we offer, please refer to the "Lens Options" section.

After an eyeglass order has been submitted, patients receive their glasses between 1 and 7 days depending on what is ordered.  


Patients who have a contact lens exam will be given a free pair of trial contact lenses and starter kit.  Our contact lens trial sets will accommodate most cases.  However, certain patients with very strong prescriptions and oblique astigmatisms may need to wait a day or two to receive their trial lenses.  

When a patient has good vision and comfort with their trial lenses, a contact lens supply can be ordered.  The doctor will review the different contact lens supply options available to the patient.