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Smith Optometry Contact Lens Service

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     Dr. Kenneth Smith examines and fits patients with contact lenses that correct for:

1/ Myopia          - Nearsightedness.
    2/ Hyperopia     - Farsightedness
    3/ Astigmatism  - Will cause distance and near blur
    4/ Presbyopia    - Near vision/reading blur one may experience 
                                  in their 40's

Our Contact Lens Service benefits many of our patients.  

When Dr. Kenneth Smith performs a Contact Lens exam, he will 
   perform an expanded case history to help decide what type 
   of contact lens will work best for the patient and their lifestyle.
There are many contact lens brands available today to 
   accommodate for almost every patient interested in 
   contact lens wear.

Dr. Smith utilizes many brands of contact lenses to find the
   contact lens that best fits for you and your daily vision
After the contact lens exam, the patient will be a given a
   trial pair of contacts along with a starter sample cleaning 
   kit with contact lens case.

When a patient order's their contact lens supply from our
    office, we offer FREE SHIPPING to their home or they
    can pick up their supply at our office.


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