Smith Optometry, P.C      


1/ if you feel sick, please do not schedule an appointment with us.  
          Please wait until you feel better before scheduling an

2/ All staff and patients must wear a mask covering your mouth
          and nose while in our office.  If you don't have one, we will
          provide one for you.  If you choose not to wear a mask in our              office, you will not be seen that day.

3/ All staff and patients will have their temperature checked in  
          our office.  A non contact thermometer will be used to check                your temperature.  If the thermometer shows a patient has a 
          fever, the patient will not be seen that day and your 
          appointment will be rescheduled.  if a patient refuses to have
          their temperature checked, he/she will not be seen that day,

4/ if any patients show symptoms or signs of flu, such as coughing 
          and/or shortness of breath, you will not be seen that day.
          we will reschedule your appointment and suggest to follow                  up with your primary care physician.

5/ If you feel sick, have flu-like symptoms and have "red eyes", please
          call our office to discuss your condition before coming to
          our office. 

6/ we will schedule each patient for a one hour appointment.  That                  does not mean you will need an hour for your visit but this                      allows only one patient to be seen in our office each hour.
          This will prevent patient crowding in our office.

7/ all countertops in our showroom will be cleaned with
          disinfectant before the next patient is seen.

8/ all eyeglass frames handled by a staff member or a patient will
          be disinfected in our disinfectant machine before being 
          returned to our frame display.

9/ our staff will be wearing Gloves.  disposable gloves will be
          available for patients to use at our office.

10/ we have breath shields on our examination equipment to
          protect patients and the staff.

11/ as is usual practice, all examination equipment will be    
          disinfected after each patient Is seen.